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The Groundbreaking Ceremony of The New Factory of MedPurest Was Held Successfully

Aug. 11, 2021

On July 17th, the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory of Anhui Medpurest Medical Technology Co., LTD was held. At 6 o 'clock in the afternoon, with the fireworks ignited, the site excavator also sounded its whistle, and the new factory of Medops officially started construction.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory of Medpurest was held successfully

The new factory of MedPurest is located in Shengli Road, Yixiu Development Zone, Anqing, with a total construction area of 40,366 square meters. The main construction areas are office buildings, testing center, RESEARCH and development center, workshop, warehouse, and related ancillary projects, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. After completion and production, the production capacity will be increased by three times, and the company's overall digital and intelligent transformation will be realized. It will have a positive impact on the extension and expansion of The manufacturing industry chain and the development and expansion of industrial clusters of Medpurest, and will also inject new momentum into the high-quality development of Medpurest in the next step.

When the wind is strong and the tide is surging, we should set sail. There is a long way to go. Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd. will be based on independent innovation, focus on bigger and stronger, toward the global cause, century-old Medpurest grand goal striding forward.


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