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MedPurest Helps Fight The Global Epidemic Against The Virus

Mar. 28, 2020

Since mid-january, the company has been on a 24-hour production schedule for more than 60 days.Since march, the situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad has changed in stages.In the past half month, the company has received orders from the United States, Italy, the united Arab emirates, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and many other countries.


"There is so much demand for exports right now, and we are overwhelmed by these orders every day," he said. "there are so many orders.On March 26, general manager long shushan revealed in the phone the current mask export demand situation, the voice is slightly tired, the gap also came keyboard sound.

MedPurest Helps Fight The Global Epidemic Against The Virus


Into the mai Depp, production workshop, greeted is such a hot scene: a few gown, protective clothing and isolation of clothing production line had been working at full capacity, a workshop, hundreds of workers wearing masks, head cap to sit in front of busy sewing machine, personnel are in seriously help packaging logistics line, one gown, medical protective clothing and isolation to produce here, outside the shop rows of neat products, are waiting for the arrival of the drivers, are sent to the epidemic prevention and control the first line.The fight against the epidemic is urgent. In this race against time, no one is a bystander. Everyone is responsible.

MedPurest Helps Fight The Global Epidemic Against The Virus


On the third floor of the workshop, rows of mask production machines are all working. The new automatic mask production line can produce up to 500,000 disposable masks a day, which can meet the growing demand for masks in countries and places with severe outbreaks.


The more difficult the time, the more can witness the friendship of mutual help;The more critical it is, the more we must work together.At present, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus is affecting everyone's heart.Maidupus company is working day and night to ensure the production and supply of anti-epidemic supplies such as masks, and promised to ensure the order of the first time to send.

MedPurest Helps Fight The Global Epidemic Against The Virus


In the face of the epidemic, the strength of one person may be limited, but tens of millions of people together, can form a strong force to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.Let us join hands to win the epidemic prevention and control of the war, let the day of spring flowers as soon as possible!


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