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Learning, training and education to improve production quality

Aug. 19, 2022

New source is the new forces and the development of the enterprise and employees to help new employees to adapt to the new environment faster, enhance the sense of identity and belonging, on the afternoon of August 18, and anhui MedPurest  medical technology co., LTD. Integrated department Ding Wei around organizational structure, such as the rules and regulations for the stable cross, and compensation management, performance appraisal, promotion channel to a detailed interpretation.

Learning, training and education to improve production quality

At the same time, in order to fully implement the company's lean production management, strengthen the frontline staff's awareness of product quality control, to ensure the continuous improvement and promotion of product quality. Hold workshop quality awareness training in the factory. Through PPT courseware, in the form of case analysis, around four aspects: 1. Sources of pollutants in clean areas; 2, into the purification workshop personnel requirements; 3. Code of conduct for clean room personnel; 4. The matters needing attention in the purification workshop were comprehensively analyzed and how to avoid problems were explained and trained on site.

Learning, training and education to improve production quality

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The development of this series of training activities, let new employees feel the company's attention and care, enhance their understanding of the company, improve the level of performance. Let the frontline staff overall improve the importance of product quality awareness, and strengthen the staff's sense of responsibility for product quality, establish the benchmark of quality first, quality pride!


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