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Concentric Epidemic Prevention And Cohesion Love Sympathy Warm Hearts

Dec. 03, 2022

The epidemic is merciless, people have feelings, and love in the cold winter warms people's hearts. The more dangerous the moment, the more responsible we are. At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control in Anqing City, the Party Branch of Anhui Medpurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd. practiced its social responsibility and responsibility with practical actions, and injected love and strength into the current epidemic prevention and control work in Anqing City.

Concentric epidemic prevention and cohesion love sympathy warm hearts

On the morning of December 3, Yixiu District Women's Federation, Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., LTD., and Anhui Medpurest Medical Technology Co., LTD donated a batch of daily necessities to the Daqiao Sub-district Office of Yixiu District, Anqing City, to interpret practical facts for people and provide material support for the fight against the epidemic.

Concentric epidemic prevention and cohesion love sympathy warm hearts

It is understood that these donated supplies will be scientifically coordinated, rationally arranged and promptly distributed to front-line medical workers, station staff and people in need. Each donation conveys the support of people from all walks of life for the prevention and control of the epidemic in the streets and communities. It warms the hearts of the epidemic prevention workers at the front line. It not only brings material support to the frontline personnel, but also gives spiritual inspiration, demonstrating the firm determination of people from all walks of life to work together and defeat the epidemic.


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