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Caring For Left-Behind Children Makes Love no Longer Lonely

Jun. 01, 2022

Children are the builders of the future of the motherland, and caring for left-behind children is also a concern for the future of the motherland. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to care for their healthy growth. On May 28, the women's committee of Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd. joined hands with six left-behind children in Xiaolongshan community to launch a public welfare activity themed "Caring left-behind children makes love no longer lonely". The company has set up a "temporary mom and Dad" volunteer service team to accompany their children one-on-one.

Caring For Left-Behind Children Makes Love no Longer Lonely

Accompanied by "temporary mom and dad", the children walked into the Huang Zhen Life story exhibition hall, listening to the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, feeling the patriotism of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries and the spirit of hard struggle; Then the children went to Anqing Science and Technology Museum, the children wandered in the wonderful sea of science, hands-on experience of various science and technology activities, exploring the mysteries of science at the same time the children's faces also bloom a happy smile; After lunch, the children came to the company for a visit, and watched the "temporary parents" carefully prepared "anti-drowning" "anti-trafficking" theme education video; The company specially arranged "Mom and Dad, I want to say to you" theme video shooting, under the careful guidance of "temporary mothers", the children to the camera to tell their parents miss; In Anqing Museum, the children followed the footsteps of the guide to visit the whole museum, close to understand the historical changes of Anqing, feel the charm of anqing regional culture.

Caring For Left-Behind Children Makes Love no Longer Lonely

Caring for left-behind children makes love no longer lonely. We call on all sectors of society to pay active attention to left-behind children, create a healthy and happy growth environment for them, and hold up a sky of love. Love will be like a seed that takes root and sprouts quietly in the hearts of left-behind children. One day, they will also learn to walk into society with goodwill and spread love to the world. At the same time, our company will also give priority to providing jobs for parents of left-behind children, and take practical actions to help parents of left-behind children get jobs at home.


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